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Project: Trail Mix

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Game NameProject: Trail Mix
Original Name
Project: Trail Mix
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Author Mittsies - - -
Game Tags step furry doggy futanari
Original Description

I started this project back in May of 2010 and it's finally finished. What originally started as a simple loop animation bloomed into a huge project as I allowed people to sign up to have their characters added in. Originally I was just going to have you select different genders, but I figured: "why not have entirely new characters to fill each role instead?"
Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy this little experiment of mine.

12 characters in total; 6 dominant, 6 submissive. Choose one from each position to be paired up for teh sexes.

Known Issues / Occurrences:
The volume slider will "Stick" if your mouse cursor leaves the bar before letting go of the slider.
Fullscreen Mode won't work with most browsers. Download the flash to your harddrive if you wish to use this option.
Excessive lag even on lowered graphics settings? Try updating your flash player.


Music by the talented: t.downingtons


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