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As everyone knows, Adobe ends Flash player's support after December 2020, and major browsers removed Flash player after few updates, you can not play Flash as before. But Flash contents still exists, and we also have solutions to runs them, even have a chance to run them better than Flash player. After trying these solutions please leave a comment or report bug if any unexpected.

Solution: HFlashPlayer

HFlashPlayer is a portable assistance program we designed for windows. It uses a custom url to communicate with browsers, then controls the official flash player to handle swf files on our site. HFlashPlayer has the same compatibility level with the official flash player, and very easy to use, just one click to play.

To use HFlashPlayer, you need to download it from [github] or [here] , then extract it to any place you want, and run the HFlashPlayer.exe one time. When you run it, the windows user control will pop out, please click yes, because we need to register a custom url scheme. Thats all you need to do.   When you click the "CLICK TO PLAY" button on a game page, the browser will ask you would you like to run it with HFlashPlayer? click yes and remember my choice, FlashPlayer will automatically launch and load contents.

HFlashPlayer required .net framework 4.0, if you are not on windows 10 you need to download and install it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/Download/confirmation.aspx?id=17718. If you don't want it anymore, you can run "unregister.reg" to remove the custom url scheme, then remove all files as you want.

If your HFlashPlayer not working by some reason, please check this issue self check list:

Solution: Ruffle

Ruffle is an open source Flash emulator which can run inside browsers. with Ruffle you need not to download or install anything anymore, just click and play, even on mobile devices. To use Ruffle, all you need to do is click the yellow Ruffle button on the control bar under every game.

However, Ruffle is a software still under development, you will experience many compatibility issues, some Flash may not run,   but most of them can run smoothly. Please try Ruffle and consider support Ruffle project, here's the home page of Ruffle project: https://github.com/ruffle-rs/ruffle

Solution: Download

Download is still an almost best choice, you can manage and play swf files offline, never worry about losing them again. To download a Flash, you need to click the download button under the game area, Once you click the button, you will see the progress and a raw link button also lead you to the original file, then you can use a tool to download it if you want. After download, you need an offline player to run swf files.
you can download the standalone flash player here: flashplayer29_0r0_171_win_sa.exe
However, some games were designed to play online, and there is no simple way to run them offline, so we can not provide downloads for those games.

Solution: Browsers that still support Flash

Even in the year 2022, there's still various browsers that support Flash. but most of them may lack maintenance, or not simply to use, we recommend you try solutions above first.

Puffin Browser, were widely reported still working with Flash on 2022. if you are on mobile you can try this browser.

Firefox 78.6.1esr, downloaded form https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/78.6.1esr/, with flashplayer29, still worked fine in 2022.
New version after 78.6 will not support Flash anymore, due the browser may be forced to update, please double check the update option.

We got report that Opera and Nitro still support Flash, but not tested on our side.

Flash Player debugger
Offical Flash player projector for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, windows version was included in HFlashPlayer already.


Alternate archived old version plugin package
This plugin package is outdated and we do not recommend to use this.

download: fp_29.0.0.171_archive.zip

This package includes release and debug version of flash plugin,standalone flash player and automatic uninstaller for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
meaning of file suffix:
no suffix: NPAPI plugin for browser like firefox and old versions of modern browsers.
sa: Standalone player.
ax: ActiveX plugin for windows applications and IE.
pep: PPAPI plugin for browsers like chrome.

Please leave a comment if you need help
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