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KINKYKAT: May 2073 - Vice, Cole

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Game NameKINKYKAT: May 2073 - Vice, Cole
Original Name
KINKYKAT: May 2073 - Vice, Cole
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Release Date
Game Tags 3D CG Gallery
Original Description

"It's a real shame what happened to Leena and Adam. They were good kids, Leena was such a sweet girl and Adam, Adam was real good to her. I guess the real shame is that these are the only photos I have to remember the two by. I can't Believe what happened to them though, no one should have to go out like that. The worst part is no know what the fuck even happened. Let me tell ya, this cities going to hell in a hand basket and I'm just glad this dump is being closed so I can get the hell out of here. Way too mush fucked up shits been happening to people and I'd rather not be next. I've spent a lot of years editing this smut rag and I'm not gonna lie it's been fun but damn if I'm not tired of all this shit. I'm sure all of you will find new jobs I'm sure, but me, I'm retiring. Now let's just wrap up next months issue so all of us can move on with our lives. For Leena and Adam."

- Rupert Delling, KINKYKAT Chief Editor. June 23, 2073


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