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Game NameIron Giant - Whisper
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Iron Giant - Whisper
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Original Description

Annie Hughes is waiting for you to give you a good time. A sweet juicy lovin with a happy ending. But that's not all.

You might get a different lady if you whisper the right thing, or a different outfit as well as a different scenery. The secret words to whisper are not that hard to figure out, but not quite obvious either. They might be just the title, or something that the character says, or a synonym or maybe the name of the villain. Don't leave spaces when entering the secret words.

There are dozens of hidden characters from cartoon series, comics, videogames, movies and hentais.

It's a script heavy flash but it's gone through a lot of testing and replaying, but if you find any issues feel free to report.

Special thanks to Derringer Dace for handling the scripting part. I couldn't finish this flash without his help.

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