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Zone-tan's sexy time


(Zone-tan no Sekushi na Jikan)

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Game Info
Game NameZone-tan's sexy time
Original Name
Zone-tan no Sekushi na Jikan
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Game Tags Zone-tan loop tentacle stocking
Original Description

Since Zone wouldn't do it, I decided to put on Zone's shoes and take a good jog. All I can say is, "Never again!" Those shoes gave me friggin' blisters! Alright... I spent one whole freaking month animating this on paper then redrawing it digitally with a mouse on the computer. I will give thanks to all the people that have helped me along the way. This is my first serious attempt at an animation. I'm sorry if the animation is amateurish and bland, but please fap to it to make me happy, and Zone-tan happy. Thank you!

Thanks to Jaxamoto for critiquing and showing me what to fix. I really couldn't fix everything properly, but I've tried my best! I would like to thank AinoAzumi for conceptualizing where the shadows went on Lemmy. I followed her model and boy does Lemmy look sexy thanks to her. I will also like to thank Jakill for creating the ZTV News music loop from Zone's file. Finally I would love to nuzzle Zone for being such a sexy mofo... *nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle* The voice clips come from Zone's April Fools Prank.


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